Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let Iraq Break Apart

I am now convinced that the only way any type of order will be instilled in Iraq is if the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites are each given a chunk of the country.

This is going to sound disingenuous, but the cause is not lost, it just cannot be won. At least using our current methodology.

The Shiites and Sunnis have proven themselves to be incapable of letting go of their petty disagreements over religion and thus will never get along. I'm not sure if the majority of Shiites and Sunnis support the violence that takes place, but they certainly have done little to help stop it. I know some Iraqis have tried to help by giving information to the Allied forces, but certainly not enough to make a difference.

If these people cannot or will not stop killing each other then I say let them go at it. At some point one side or the other will win.

The Kurds seem to be the one exception. They have avoided most sectarian violence, have kept to themselves and proven to understand democracy. Although they have separate issues with Iran and Turkey regarding their kin who live in each country, we should pull our forces into Kurd territory and leave the rest of Iraq to fall apart.

Such a move should not be viewed as a defeat for the U.S., although many will say so, because in the end we have accomplished what we set out to do. Saddam is gone, he will never threaten the world again with conventional forces nor push Iraq to develop WMD. While in Iraq we killed thousands of terrorists, some Iraqi, many from other lands.

Our troops fought well and attempted to give the Iraqis a better life. Those who were killed or injured did not do so in vain. While we could have done many things better during our time in Iraq, such as disarming the militias and arresting the hard line Mullahs, we decided to trust that the Iraqis would be happy that Saddam was gone and get on with their lives.

Unfortunately not enough Iraqi's decided to take advantage of this and will now have to suffer.


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Greg said...

The problem with the break-up scenario is the mixed neighborhoods where Shia and Sunni live together. Apparently there's already ethnic cleansing occurring in these areas, but if America were to green-light such a split, there would be wide spread ethnic slaughter.

Still, I think in the end you're right. The country is going to fragment along sectarian lines...


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