Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hamas Leader Dead, Good Riddance

When the story that Hamas leader Bassam al-Fara was assassinated by a Fatah party hitmen came out I had the same warm and fuzzy feeling as when one Mafia boss is rubbed out by another.

Good. At least the cops don't have to worry about convicting him.

In this case it's one less person trying to kill innocent people and the Mossad can scratch him off their to do list. al-Fasra was described as a military leader, along with being a judge in what today goes for the Palestinian government. Sounds like an interesting combination of jobs giving the old phrase judge, jury and executioner new meaning.

I'm not sure what a Fatah-Hamas civil war would do to the region, but at least the various militias would spend their time killing each other and not Israelis.


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