Monday, January 29, 2007

Global Warming

One of my very few hobbies is the weather. With the Northeast part of the US in a cold snap, after having been spring-like warm for most of December and January I thought it might be interesting to see what weather experts think.

I've had a couple of email conversations with some of the weather forecasters at on this topic. I was interested in whether they believe global warming is manmade or simply a phase in the Earth's life like the ice age. Accuweather's Elliot Abrams said he does believe the world is warming, but is not sure why, the same response came today in a blog entry from Dr. Joe Sobel.

Sobel calls himself a skeptic on Global Warming without stating if he means its a natural occurrence or if it's just not happening. But what was interesting is how he worries that the issue is being politicized at the expense of good science being conducted.

I tend to believe it is happening, but I think it's mother nature doing the damage. However, I totally agree with Sobel on the politicis of the issue. When the president, with his direct ties to the fossil fuel industry, states there is no problem his belief is taken with a large grain of salt. It behooves him to defend his former industry and the people who pour money into the Republican election coffers. When the president's opponents take the opposite stance it appears to many that they are simply trying to score political points. I'm sure this situation is impossible to get away from, but once something so important becomes an election talking point we are doomed.


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