Friday, January 12, 2007

Will David Beckham Save U.S. Soccer?

That is an easy question to answer. NO.

It does not matter who plays in the United States, soccer will simply not catch on as major American spectator sport and I say this as a person who really likes the sport. I played it in high school and college and my kids play. However, I hate, hate, hate watching it on TV. It is boring as can be compared to most other major Americab sports.

I know baseball is not always super exciting, but with every pitch something can happen. Anyone who watched the last World Cup mostly saw the ball getting turned over at midfield or short rushes toward the goal that ended with a miss. The scoring is simply to far and in between to satisfy fans in this country.

The real joke with Beckham coming here is he will take up much more space on the celebrity gossip pages then the sports pages. I also predict that his marriage to Spicy Posh will end within two years, as few celebrity marriages in LA last very long.

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