Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jon Stewart - Funny Guy, Not Too Bright Though

In a funny, but amazingly interesting interview comedian Jon Stewart interviewed former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada, who said Saddam did have WMD right up to the point where he shipped them to Syria for safe keeping prior to our 2003 invasion.

Sada comes across as a pretty nice old man. It's hard to believe he was the number 2 guy in the Iraqi Air Force. While he did not say anything incriminating, he did go out of his way to say that while he knew WMD existed in Iraq both before and after the Persian Gulf war he was not involved in their delivery. Believe him if you want, I'm not so sure how clean this guy really could be if he was a trusted Saddam advisor.

What is interesting is how Stewart, a left leaner if there ever was one, tries subtley to get Sada to admit things are not so good in Iraq. Sada, now an advisor to the Iraqi Security Council, does not give Stewart the answers he is fishing for, instead saying how all of Iraq was happy for being liberated and truly felt at ease when Saddam was finally captured.

Sada praises the U.S., not unusual since he owes his job to us, and insists that he personally knew of the WMD and that they went to Syria. A fact he thinks our government will soon release to the public.

What is so unintentionally revealing is Stewart trying to pull some type of anti-U.S. or anti-war comment out of Sada, but he will not bite. Instead he says that Iraq is dangerous, people like him in the government are in danger every day, but it is a price worth paying for their freedom.

While I take all of Sada's comments with a huge grain of salt, I find it sad that Stewart refuses to see any good coming from our liberation of Iraq. He almost seemed to want Sada to call for Hussein's reinstation as Iraqi dictator because that would be a better alternative to our presence in that country.


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