Thursday, March 23, 2006

Texan Stupidity

The latest idea in DUI enforcement comes to us from the wonderful people in Texas.

According to a CNN story, the best way to stop drunk driving is to arrest people while they are still in a bar. Being intoxicated even in a bar is considered public drunkenness so local police are sending cops into bars to lock people up before they hit the street, or anyone else.

I say arrest the bar tender, no how about the beer delivery guy, no how about the workers at the breweries, or the farmers that grow wheat and hops or the people who make the bottles and cans that hold beer and liquor.

What about people who go to a friends house, or a ball game or get drunk at home then go out to the store. Should the police be allowed to invade these sanctuaries?

Maybe give prohibition another try, it worked so well the first time around.

I am not belittling the seriousness of drunk driving. It kills thousands, but the trick is to teach people not to drive when they are drunk, not arrest them beforehand on what essentially is a technicality. The only way to stop this crime, if that is even possible, is through education and punishment.


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