Monday, January 29, 2007

Whose In Charge

Back another of my blog's pet topics, poor parenting.

There is a story on about a German mother and father who allowed their 12 year old boy to undergo hormone treatments allowing him to become more female. This includes growing breasts and wearing makeup.

What 12 year old is capable of making any decision passed what color sox to wear? If this boy truly believes he is a girl trapped in a male body then let him wait till he is truly old enough to make such a life changing decision.

And then there are the parents.

As a parent I've had days when my kids, both younger then the boy in question, have begged me for something until I'm willing to do almost anything to quiet them down. However, when they are asking for something foolish I know it's my job to say no and stick to it. I wonder how many rounds of "I wanna be a girl" these parents went though before they caved? Not that it matters because there should be no limit.

I suppose the only saving grace in this situation is the parents didn't pay for the operation that would have made the change permanent.


At 10:13 AM, Blogger iPont said...

I think the only reason that the operation to remove the, um, extraneous appendage hasn't happened is because the boy/girl has to be 18 before it's allowed. If you're going to let him/her take drugs and get counseling to effect this change, the surgery is probably no big deal in their minds.

For some reason, this story brings a certain movie to mind involving schwanzstuckers and schwarzwalder kirschtorte.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Janie said...

I'm with you. I do have sons. 22, 16, and 8. If my son came to me and asked me that I would tell him to wait until he's older. 12 is far too young, and the boy is going through puberty or beginning to go through soon. I truly believe we should be happy for what God gave us. he needs to explore his boyish side for a while. A young boy of 12 is not mature enough to decide that. I see lots of boys that are girlish, hell, my husband's friend is 44 and he's girlish. ! but keep on blogging.


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