Friday, March 24, 2006

Gotta Love the French Part IV

The French student riots have been going on for several weeks now, but one item mentioned in this Fox News story is quite funny and the entire situation reminiscent of childs temper tantrum.

Violence erupted in several cities Thursday as at least 220,000 students and other youths marched nationwide. France's largest union of high school students, FIDL, estimated that 450,000 participated.

Since when are high schools students unionized, and more importantly why do they a union card? Unions have there place in the world when it comes to negotiating contracts for large groups of workers, but what negotians take place in a French high school? What type of soda the vending machines should dispense, better crepes in the cafeteria?

The only reason that makes sense is they are a training ground for future union agitators. Basically a place French labor unions of the future to develop their leaders.

The French government not allowed this environment to develop over the years, but its socialistic practices have guaranteed that they would now be in a position where most of the kids under 21 in the country are out rioting over job security for jobs that they do not even have.

According to the Fox story the riots stem from the government wishing to implement a jobs law, meant to put the brakes on sky-high unemployment among youths and make France's economy more flexible, would allow employers to more easily hire — and fire — workers under 26. Critics feel it will eat into job protections and leave youths even more vulnerable.

Guaranteed employment does as a national policy does not work. Just ask the Soviet Union. It breeds worker laziness and destroys a corporations ability to promote and hire deserving individuals. These kids are destroying their own futures for perceived job protection. Having a job that ensure nothing but a steady paycheck, with no upward mobility and no chance to make your company strong and competitive is a one way ticket to economic disaster.

To top it off the students seem to think destroying other people's property is the best method to force the government to drop the law. This behavior is exactly what a three year old does when he or she does not get his or her way. Scream, yell and throw things until mommy and daddy give in. Well, let's hope that for once the French government can grow a spine and stand up to the rioters and give them what they deserve. Expulsion from school and a chance to make it on their own with no outside help.


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