Friday, March 24, 2006

The Religion of Peace is at it Again

Convert to Christianity and a Muslim deserves to be pulled into pieces, so say several Imams in Afghanistan, according to CNN.

What would they do to someone who became Jewish?

Considering the ripped to pieces comment came from someone described as a moderate religious leader, I would say Afghanistan is in a lot of trouble. What would have been interesting would be commentary from some U.S.-based Muslim leaders. Do they support such drastic penalties?

Another thought is whether these religious leaders feel they are creating a good Muslim by threatening him with death unless he re-converts to Islam. Probably they don't care if he is a pius or miserable Muslim as long as they can keep him on the rolls as a Muslim. I suppose it is too much of a loss of face to have someone abandon Islam. If one can leave Islam then so can many and the Imams can't take a chance that there mosques will start emptying out.

It seems Islam is the Mafia of religions, the only way to truly get out is feet first. Tony Soprano would be proud, but then again he a Catholic...


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